Become an Owner

Become an Owner

Everyone is welcome, anyone can join, and membership is not required to shop.

Own your grocery store! You can become a member-owner during your next visit to the co-op – it only takes a moment. Owner benefits begin immediately and just $20 will get you started on your investment towards a stronger and healthier Nevada-grown economy.

A fully vested share is $400. However, most of our owners choose to pay it in 20 annual installments of $20.

Become an Owner


Ownership share paid for in 20 annual installments.


Ownership share paid for in 20 annual installments.

*The GBCFC board of directors reserves the right to increase or decrease the full equity investment and to modify owner benefits based on the needs of the business.

Ownership Benefits

  • Quarterly Savings

    Receive 10% off one purchase of your choice each quarter.

  • Owner's Buying Club

    Receive 10% - 20% off shelf prices on bulk or case size purchases.

  • Owner's Patronage Dividend

    Be eligible to receive surplus revenue in proportion to how much you (and all of the other active member-owners) spend at the co-op in the form of a patronage dividend.

  • Member-Owner Specials

    Enjoy a variety of coupons and specials throughout the year.

  • Support Local

    By becoming a co-op owner you directly support local farmers, ranchers, producers and artisans while providing the much-needed capital to foster the co-op’s growth.

    You are playing an active role in growing Northern Nevada’s local food system and are helping to keep more money in the local economy, which is RAD! THANK YOU!

  • Our Future

    Have a voice and vote on the co-op’s future. We are a democratically run organization & you can run for a seat on our Board of Directors!

  • Impact Our Community

    Be part of an alternate economic model. Own the store where you shop. Vote with your dollars to positively impact our community.

Learn about the guiding 7 principles all true cooperatives use to put our values into practice.

Activities we support

Supporting the people that produce, harvest, and prepare our food