Reno Food System’s is a 501(c)3 charity and recipient of GBCFC Community Round Up funds whose mission is cultivating community-based food systems through education, research, and civic engagement.

Our vision is a resilient, interconnected local food system that supports personal health, environmental sustainability, and economic viability.

Following are three key areas of operation:

  • Park Farm - A partnership with the Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space to operate a 5 acre vegetable farm at the northeast corner of the park along Mayberry Drive, just east of the historic ranch house property. This teaching campus offers farm interns hands-on experience growing high-density, organic crops in Northern Nevada's arid climate. We call this project a "park farm" because we envision many more urban micro-farms popping up in under-utilized public spaces in Reno and Sparks.
  • Food Security Coalition - A forum for community organizations focused on maximizing the amount of fresh food available and distribution of food to those in need.
  • Mobile Market - In an effort to help alleviate the major food injustice issues that our community is facing, we focus our Mobile Farmers Market activities in ‘food deserts’ - areas that lack nearby farmers markets and/or grocery stores where residents can purchase fresh produce.  Additionally our Mobile Farmers Market accepts payment via SNAP (food stamp) benefits, and both WIC (Women, Infants and Children), and Senior Farmers Market Vouchers ensuring that our most vulnerable citizens; infants, seniors, new mothers and families experiencing food insecurity have the option to purchase healthy food. Nutrition education outreach in the form of recipe cards, demonstrations, and samples is also a component of our programming. Our Mobile Market will further support the community through a gleaning program and donation of unsold produce to a neighborhood food pantries.