Sunset Ranch Ravendale and Mile High Mill & Grain Co. are committed to restoring, preserving and recreating the lost art of local wholesome flour milling in Lassen County. Our nation’s cereal grains were grown on more farmland in our country than any other crop.

Although we have watched the rapid decline of agricultural ground dedicated to growing wheat in Lassen County Sunset Ranch Ravendale grows this nutritious commodity for its flour mill---Mile High Mill & Grain Co.

We understand the use of this nutritious staple is a major component of our diets and is essential for good health. Combining this nutrition necessity with certified organic farming practices ensures we are providing our customers the reassurance that our farm will provide their family with healthy food.

It has been nearly impossible for today’s flour mills to have that intimate knowledge of where and how the grains are grown---until now! Sunset Ranch Ravendale and Mile High Mill & Grain Co wants to ensure confidence in the consumers that buy our cereal grains and milled flour.

Our family farm is committed to using its fertile ground to grow and mill our certified organic grains. We know where every seed is grown in the field and where each seed is carefully milled to a delicious and health-giving flour product. We are delighted to bring back the dedication and intimacy that allowed farmers and millers to bring a nourishing wholesome flour product to its consumers. Mile High Mill & Grain Company’s vision is to restore Lassen county’s milling history by bringing back the growing and milling of yesteryear’s cereal grains. Sunset Ranch’s mission is to grow these organic grains for our flour mill.

Sunset Ranch is located in 2 places in North Eastern California in Lassen County one is on the Madeline Plains. We grow certified organic cereal grains and alfalfa at 5300 elevation. The higher altitude yields a more leafy plant for our alfalfa. Our flour mill -Mile High Mill & Grain Co is located onsite of our family farm in Ravendale CA.

Our second location is Standish CA on Capezzoli Ln. This farm is 440 acres and sits in the valley adjacent to the wildlife area. We found our second location compliments the wildlife in the area. Our organic practices ensure everything grows on Sunset Ranch.

Growing Practices Sunset Ranch:

Sunset Ranch is 100% Certified Organic. We are certified through CCOF and we utilize fertilizer Poultry manure--(certified organic) at high rates to meet our soil nutrition goals.

Combined with crop rotation with peas and alfalfa we have found we can meet our crop nutritional needs without spraying chemicals on our crops.

We don’t use any synthetic fertilizer and don't use non-organic materials. We do not use GMO seed or herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. We stay strongly adherent to our organic certification to nurture a healthy soil that provides a nutritious food.

Our mission:

Reintroduce onsite milling of our county’s “amber waves of grain” to Lassen County California and our surrounding communities. Certified Organic and locally grown -- we’re excited it can again be heard in the north state ....”There's gold in them thar hills and they're milling it”!