We intensively farm a little over 1 acre (out of the 10 acres total) on a leveled sand hill in the Lahontan Valley near Fallon, Nevada. We bought the land in 1984 and were certified organic for over 20 years. Now semi-retired, we no longer maintain our official organic certification but our organic farming practices have not changed. We sell seedlings and produce through various venues.

How did you get into farming here?

Bill: When I was going to university, I was living inSparks right next to the El Rancho drive-in theater where the flea market is every weekend. I had a garden in the yard and one year I had too many tomatoes. I thought “aw shucks what am I gonna do with all these?” My wife at the time was into buying and selling junk and she suggested I try to sell my tomatoes at the flea market. Well there was a line at my booth until all of my tomatoes were sold - they went for a quarter a piece. I thought “Whoa!” This was in the 1970’s and I’ve been selling tomatoes to Nevadans ever since. I’ve always been a gardener. Karina’s been a gardener her whole life too.

Karina: My grandma raised me in her organic garden in Concord, CA. She had compost bins and everything. I served as a master gardener and Bill and I used to teach organic gardening at the college