In 1992 Fran Pritchard was a food service manager in the San Francisco Bay area. Every morning she made Fresh Salsa for her breakfast customers to put on their eggs, potatoes and breakfast burritos. Her customers called it Killer Salsa and said she should go into business.

In 1993 she started the business in Gardnerville, Nevada when she could not find a job.

After making fresh salsa for 8 years, the company decided to branch out into making “shelf stable” Killer Salsa. Many of our customers feel that the flavor of the cooked salsa is more intense than our fresh! The flavors are Original Picante, Garlic Picante, Fire Roasted Tomato, Hot Picante, XX Hot Picante, Salsa Verde, and Smoked Chipotle. In 2019 Fran sold the company to Bottone and they continue to carry on Fran’s traditions.