You spent a long time transforming this playa-like soil. How does the garlic do out here?

It grows really well here. I picked it because it’s such a tough crop. It’s been 10 degrees out here and it never even phases it. Last year on July 17th it was 32 degrees! A bunch of weeds froze, but the garlic was unphased. At 5,000 feet, it’s a challenge for sure. But I also like the isolation as much as anything. The communication with the wildlife out here where there’s no city vibe pollution, you can just tell what the animals need. I was sitting here watering with the hose and a bull snake came out of the bushes and looked up at me and I knew he was asking for a drink. So I put the hose down and he came right up and drank and drank, looked up at me, drank again and moseyed off. That was last year. Now he’s 5 feet long! He hibernates under the fridge where it’s nice and warm, and the badgers can’t get him. We take turns giving each other heart attacks.

What would your 30 year old self think about all of this?

He’d say good move! I did Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 for 15 years, and that’s not for me. I’d rather starve to death and do this out here. But the investment was a good move!