Owned by Hannah and Susan Tangeman, Hulsman Ranch is proud to be a true family farm since 1862. It has been owned and worked by women for more than 100 years. When John Hulsman passed away in 1914 his wife Hannah took over. Their daughter Hannah Hulsman took the reins in 1932 and Hannah and Susan’s mother Phyllis Tangeman began her ownership in 1962.

Hannah learned the trade of farming from her mother as well as having earned a degree in agricultural business. She and her sister created their partnership at their mother’s passing in 1990 teaming to continue the ethic that has nurtured this beautiful landscape. “With this mindset, they have sought out plans, conservation easements, agency partnerships, and sustainable practices that support the whole ecology of the land.”

“We’ve never plowed the meadows so they still have the original soil structure, they hold water, and have a functioning profile. I’ve had people tell me I have to plant alfalfa but we just feel like the meadows are perfect for grazing as they are. It keeps the soil stable, and there is a wide variety of plants growing which makes for a better diet for the animals. The resilience of this natural system is wonderful.”

“There have just been so many moments of absolute peace out here. I’d say the lambs amaze me most - seeing how quickly they get up on their feet - the raw life force they are born with - the determination to rise up and start living is something I love to watch, it’s magical.”