A proud and certified Made in Nevada member, Full Circle’s focus is rooted in the soil--knowing that underneath the surface is where growing success starts. Launched by an ambitious farmer named Craig after receiving his degrees in Agriculture and Soil Microbiology, they’ve been creating enviro-friendly, all-natural plant products for 20+ years.

What keeps you up at night?

Running a 40 acre composting site that keeps about 50,000 cubic yards (1,500 to 2,000 semi trucks full) of organic materials out of the landfill a year is a big operation. Making sure the compost site is running effectively while simultaneously trying to move 50,000 cubic yards of finished products out of the site through 20 different products is a big endeavor. Many people think composting is easy and cheap but in reality, it takes a lot of big machinery and time. Running an operation of this size and making sure we meet the high quality standards we’ve set for our products is a daily stress; however, we love it!

What difficulties does this bioregion present?

Nevada soils are inherently low in nutrients and biology. This is based on our location and high desert environment. It is possible to fix our soils and help them perform to their highest level, but that takes time, patience, and a deep understanding of Nevada soil fertility. Full Circle has dedicated 25 years to this cause and we love helping people fix Nevada soil.

What would your 8 year old self think?

Since my 8 year old self was playing on a 5th generation Nevada dairy farm, he would be happy that I am still in the agricultural sector. He would be a little confused as he knows agriculture is not all fun and games. Only with hard work do you get to have full satisfaction of a job well done.

Nerd out for a second, will you?

Plants need about 15 micro and macro nutrients for sustain-able growth, fruiting, and seed production. NPK fertilizer theory was invented in the early 1800’s when there were only about 9 elements on the periodic chart. Why would you only look at three nutrients when we now know that soils and the plants that grow in them are so complex? A holistic view on soils from minerals to the biology can have a tremendous effect on growing success

By listening to what plants want, and pouring endless care into our products, we’ve embarked on a green mission to replenish the Earth with healthy, satisfying soil. With Full Circle Soils & Compost you’ll give your plants what they like and they’ll give you what you like: fragrant flowers, sweet fruits and nutrient-dense vegetables.