Dharma bees have been beekeeping for over 14 years. We do bee rescues, removals, pollination, and of course...HONEY! We primarily run our bees in urban locations throughout Reno. You can check out their bottles to see where the honey was harvested.

How did you get into beekeeping?

When I was a kid my dad kept bees for 5 or 6 years. I was 10 or 12 and didn’t pay much attention. As I got older that interest kind of rekindled and I started keeping bees in the backyard. It was going to be just a few hives, but now it’s much more than a few. Right now we’ve got about 50 at 8 different locations. We’ve also raised a vegetable garden for a number of years, and we make honey wine - a home-fermented mead.

What would that 10 year old self think of you now?

[laughs] There’s a Talking Heads song from ‘Stop Making Sense’ about you know “How did I get here... how did I get this big car, this beautiful house?” You know the one - that would probably sum it up. Of course my 10 year old self had no idea who theTalking Heads or David Byrne were, but yeah, that whole “How did I get here?” type feeling... It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was 10…

What are you most excited about?

It looks like we’re going to have a good honey harvest. When that’s not the case we just blend all the honeys together but this year it's been a strong enough harvest that I’ll be able to segregate into different locations. Each location is different - we have this apple orchard here, and there are hives in the other neighborhoods with old apple trees, and some pretty intense landscaping with lavender and Russian sage - and those plants influence the honey a lot