Custom Gardens was the first certified organic producer in the entire state. We were certified in 1997 but have been producing organically since ‘86 -- there were just no certifiers back then. We followed the organic food act for the 10 year period it took to pass and wanted to be a part of the official organic movement from the start. To us, food is health and we believe healthy foods begin with healthy soil, water, air, and seeds!

Our 2+ acre property (in family ownership since the 50's) Is located in the high desert near Lake Lahontan in Silver Springs. We honor our environment! To maintain soil fertility, we plant cover crops (green manure) and rotate our vegetable beds in the fields and in our hoop houses. We use only natural minerals, compost, herbal and other organic preparations. We introduce and encourage habitat for beneficial insects, birds, bats, and other creatures that prey upon unwanted insects. Drip irrigation is our primary method of applying water, practicing conservation of this precious resource.

We grow with pride for our many customers! Hawaiian yellow or white ginger, chili peppers, sweet peppers, and sweet potatoes are just some of our special crops. Cleanliness and quality is always our #1 priority! Freshness, variety and our TLC from farm to consumer has rewarded us with a favorable reputation in our Western Nevada area! You can’t miss Custom Gardens Farm - it’s the only green thing in Silver Springs.