Coffeebar Roastery is located in a newly refurbished 1930s garage nestled in Reno’s eclectic Midtown district. The combination of functional art blended with a production facility has formed our most creative space to date.

Coffeebar’s Vertical Sourcing program was created to “connect the dots from farmer to guest”, linking coffee-growing communities to coffee-drinking ones. As a roasting operation, we place a high priority on our sourcing ethos. Director of Coffee, David Wilson lived in Guatemala for a year, as a member of a non-profit coffee importer working with small coffee-producing communities. The connections from that experience have allowed us to go deeper with our sourcing than most roasters are able to, using those in-built connections to communities that otherwise wouldn't have market access.

With the awareness of the daily footprint coffee shops leave behind, we do our best to minimize that through sustainable business practices including responsibly sourcing our coffee, partnering with local farms and businesses, and giving back our coffee grounds and food waste to the farms to feed the soil.