At Bradley and Son we are dedicated to providing the best quality meat to our customers. This process starts even before the calf is born. Through generations of experience, we have learned how to meticulously select our bulls and cows with superior genetic makeup. The end product is top quality meat that tastes great, is tender and is full of marbling!

In California we're fortunate enough to chase the best grass pastures. This means we move the cattle twice a year. In the spring we move the cattle to the water filled meadows of the Sierra Nevadas. There the pasture grows green all summer long!

At fall's end, we travel to the foothills of Butte County to escape the snow and welcome the warmer rains. By doing this it gives our cattle the opportunity to grow all year long.  The mom will get the nutrients to produce as much milk as her calf needs. That calf will have all the grass it needs to stay full and happy every single day.