The tale of the dog is just another tale about life, a tale about change. The kind of change that life just blows in, whether you are ready or not, here it comes. This tale is about choices, a tale about your character.

Founder Mark Berry at age two developed a childhood cancer that threatened his eyesight and his life. Thankfully, advancements in radiation treatments gave him the chance to fight, the chance to live. With the loss of his left eye and damage to his right eye, the fight was won, and the cancer was gone. He went on to having a wonderful life and followed his passion. Living in the high Sierras in the summer and on the low desert in the winter. When he reached 48 years old, life's winds changed again. His vision was fading, and the cancer was coming back. By the fall of his 49th year, he was legally blind. No longer could he earn a living as he had done for the past 30 years. No longer was life so great. Then his friend reminded him of the advancement in radiation therapy that had given him the chance to fight, and the opportunity to live. He realized how blessed he had been all these years, to see the stars, to watch his children grow, and to see his wife's smile. The gift that had been given to him, now had to be shared, it needed to be paid back.

With life's new wind, in 2007 Blind Dog Coffee Roasters™ was born.

After many years of working side by side with his family, Mark had realized it was time to pursue other endeavors with his newfound strength and confidence and passed his company down to his family.

We strive to remain true to the core values Mark had set in place. Providing our customers with specialty high-quality coffee at a fair price. As well as making our own core values at the same time. Along with giving back to the community and so many other charities close to our hearts such as children cancer foundations.

Just think with every cup of Blind Dog Coffee™, you'll help us give a child the chance to fight, to dream, and the chance to live. Make a choice, show character, and drink Blind Dog Coffee. ™