How did you get into bison?

We purchased our land in Minden, NV in 2006 and started raising bison on our family-owned ranch in 2011.

Honestly, it all started with health, because I have this thing in my family with cholesterol. So after eating salads 4 meals a day all week long I started researching meat, and found the healthy benefits of bison. So we got a few to raise, butcher and eat ourselves. But I ended up getting a bull and a couple cows, and next thing you know we’re having all these babies and the babies are growing, and here we are. I’ve always really loved eating meat, but I never would have guessed that bison would taste that much better than beef. Now it’s been so long I’d have a hard time eating regular beef.

What are you most excited about right now?

Interest from the public. People are starting to realize that on top of bison having a sweet, rich flavor, it has amazing health benefits too. It’s lower in cholesterol and calories and higher in protein and vitamin A. The omega 3 to 6 ratio is wide apart because they’re all grass raised. The ratio has been tested at about 24 to1 which is about as good as you can get with any game animal.

Our bison are 100% grass-fed and are never​ given supplemental grain, antibiotics, or growth hormones. We are committed to maintaining our animals in the most natural and calming environment possible. Our bison meat is USDA approved.