Al Bees Sierra Nevada Honey has been in business for over 15 years.

We keep about 120 hives in and around the Reno, Carson City, and Gardnerville areas, as well as other locations in the Sierra Nevada during the summer months.

What's your ultimate vision for Al Bees?

Some beekeepers want to get a monopoly going, but I love to think about people having hives in their own backyards--producing their own honey. That would be awesome because within the city of Reno,“local” honey is going to be different from one side of town to the other. Even honey from the same field is going to taste different every year because plants change. Nature always surprises.

Producing pure, raw healthy local honey for our customers is our first priority. All of our hives are located on pesticide-free properties, utilizing the natural topography and geography of the area to produce the best possible honey within varied locations along the drainages of the Sierra Nevada.