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Master Cleanse

Regular price $49.99

*Price includes a $7.50 ($1.50/bottle) bottle deposit. Return clean bottles to the store for a $7.50 refund.

This cleanse brings you back to the basics: cleansing your body through the power of greens and lemon. This is a great option for those who are looking for a day’s worth of nutrients! 

  • 1 MASTER CLEANSE (alkalized water, organic lemon, organic maple syrup, organic cayenne pepper)
  • 2 POWER GREENS (organic cucumber, organic celery, organic kale, organic lemon)
  • 1 STARBURST (organic orange, organic lemon, organic carrot)
  • 1 FAMILY GREENS (organic lemon, organic apple, organic cucumber, organic kale)

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Juice Cleanse Ordering Guidelines

Orders placed before 8am will be available for pickup the next morning by 8am. Orders placed after 8am will be available the day after next by 8am. All juice cleanse orders must be picked up within 3 days of the pickup date. We recommend picking up and drinking juices the first day they are available.

Great Basin Food Co Op

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